What is a Peace Bond?
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What is a Peace Bond?

A peace bond is an order granted by the court for cases where the accused does not typically have a criminal record. It is an order granted as per section 810 of the Criminal Code of Canada. A peace bond does not leave you with a criminal record. Generally, when a peace bond is granted, it comes with several conditions that the accused must follow.

What type of conditions can be imposed on me if I am granted a Peace Bond by the court?
Typical conditions include:

• Reporting to a probation office within a certain time period;
• Keep the peace and be of good behavior;
• Not to have contact with the compliant and or their child;
• Attend for counselling for the specific offence such as counselling for domestic violence, anger management, counselling for addictions for drugs and or alcohol
• Refrain from intoxicating substances;
• Not to possess weapons;
• And other conditions appropriate to the case at hand.

The police can lay an additional criminal breach charge if you do not follow the conditions imposed by the court on a peace bond. A peace bond is granted for a period of no more than 12 months.

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